Thomas is an NYC-based designer living in Brooklyn.

He writes, codes, designs a lot of different things, and loves taking photos + videos.

He's got the best friends and family supporting him through this journey, and he's always looking to meet new fabulous people to talk to. So!

If you'd like, you can say hello at


Identity design, photography, copywriting

When I am asked to rebrand anything - I start to think about the people involved first. Always.
I feel uncomfortable designing anything for anybody before getting to know them, or the idea, inside out.
So when I was asked to do this project, I asked my client if I could live with him for a weekend, and observe his every day life.

That meant, getting up at 5AM in the blistering cold to walk around in the food processing factories of Boston. Meeting a man who had a cigar glued to his lip before his morning coffee. Shaking the hands of his customers, and their weathered, roughed up scabs from years of hard work.

Per the client's brief of taking an analog, 80 year old business, and breathing it a new life in the digital,
almost every asset needed to be revisited for this project. Including a makeshift, photoshoot of all of his existing offerings.

From a scaleable, new brand identity, to campaign materials and imagery, and web design, the project
was an overall complete re-design to keep the company alive in this digital age.

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