Thomas is an NYC-based designer living in Brooklyn.

He writes, codes, designs a lot of different things, and loves taking photos + videos.

He's got the best friends and family supporting him through this journey, and he's always looking to meet new fabulous people to talk to. So!

If you'd like, you can say hello at


Everyone has an incredible story to tell... so who are we to walk away without listening? People are beautiful - and I tried my best to capture emotion and raw energy as much as I could. After all, when everything is said and done, the memories we have with our friends will always outlast any material good.

I've been lucky enough to shoot a flurry of talented musicians over the years, and as an intersection of a few of my favorite things in the world (music and image making) I've learned a lot, not just about the art of concert photography, but also about myself, about what I exactly look for when I look through my viewfinder.

Its really easy to get lost with a trigger finger and snap at everything you see. It took me lots of trial and error to pry emotion out of people when I photograph them, or to be sneaky enough and lucky to be able to capture it in the moment.