Thomas is an NYC-based designer living in Brooklyn.

He writes, codes, designs a lot of different things, and loves taking photos + videos.

He's got the best friends and family supporting him through this journey, and he's always looking to meet new fabulous people to talk to. So!

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Spatial design, fabrication

I was lucky enough to work with two amazingly talented friends of mine, and our mentor/tutor Maya Alam in the summer of 2016 to design a pavilion that would stand in the courtyard of a hotel in the south of France.

The project won the initial, internal competition within the Syracuse School of Architecture, and would go on to win honorable mention at the overall festival where architects around Europe were invited to participate, and create their own rendition of a pavilion.

Using VHS tape, timber framing, and laser cut panels designed to hook the strips of tape, we designed the pavilion with the context in mind, "framing" features in the beautiful old courtyard. The tape possesses a reflective and translucent characteristic, allowing the pavilion to reflect its surrounding context, but also create intricate, complex patterns as one peered through the space.

The project was published in numerous design platforms such as ArchDaily, Archinect and Designboom.

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