Thomas is an NYC-based designer living in Brooklyn.

He writes, codes, designs a lot of different things, and loves taking photos + videos.

He's got the best friends and family supporting him through this journey, and he's always looking to meet new fabulous people to talk to. So!

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February 28, 2019

There’s been that time in your life where you exit a movie theater, discussing the film you just watched with your friend and or family, its always interesting because you hear about things you may have missed, while you also point out a few that they didn’t notice.

I noticed that this happens subtly, every single day. As you are walking from home to work, you see others commuting, riding the train or driving the same road as you. However no experience is exactly the same, even though we may feel so. While you stare at the rising numbers inside the elevator just like the other four folks in it, the train of thought rides on completely different paths.

Next time it comes up, this thought, - whether you’re with a close friend. a first date, or anybody, really, that you’d like to get to know better - ask them what they saw also. When you see an interesting piece of art, something odd on the street, or simply see somebody act a way you wouldn’t, ask them how they got there. It’ll say cavernous amounts about them, on a level that is unrivaled. I’ve always been so utterly fascinated by some of the things people say, and imagined in their version of the same story. Its like getting to read a second version on a completely separate timeline from your view of the world, letting you also see just a smidge wider.

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